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Before you buy, we need additional information about your pool/spa so that we can determine your needs for the Chemical Free Pool System

Our experts have been in the pool business for years. We know pools! We want to make sure your pool is ready for the transition from Chlorine or salt pool to a Chlorine Free Pool System.  To get to a Chlorine free pool, we have to make sure you have the right pool equipment so that the Chlorine Free Pool System will work optimally in your pool. To help us determine this, we need the following information:

  1. Please fill out the New Customer Form below as thoroughly as possible 

  2. You will need to send images of your filter and pump as well as a water sample. Download and fill out this special instructions sheet for instructions on sending the samples we need to determine the best way to get you Chlorine free.

  3. Once, we have all your information, our experts will contact you to discuss your transition to a Chlorine Free Pool! 


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