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My Water stays crystal clear and we no longer have any issues with dry skin.

I love that my kids swim in such natural water and never complain about their eyes hurting after swimming.

I've had no water clarity issues since we converted to the Chlorine Free Pool system.


   We have loved our chlorine free pool. Dreamscaping came and hooked up the system that goes with this and we enjoyed our UV light so much. I wish they would have had these years ago. The men were prompt and very courteous. They cleaned up after themselves which was great! I would not hesitate to have them for all my pool needs

Carol Hayes

North Ridgeville, OH

I've had pools for close to 30 years and used chlorine, bromine and copper-silver elements, and this product is the best that I've used. I was cynical but thought that I'd give it a try for the 2018 season. I'm not a pool tech and don't want to mess with pool chemistry, so I've made many trips to pool stores for testing and advice and would virtually always walk away with different chemicals that over the course of the season added up, plus the bucket of bromine for the season. Hundreds of dollars. With this system, maybe I should have, but I rarely tested the water, including pH (but I do have a solid auto cover that I always keep closed when not in use or when sitting by it), and no one in the family ever experienced itchy skin or bromine smell, and we had beautifully clear water. (One "trick" I did learn towards the end of the season is using 18 ounces instead of 12 ounces of liquid chlorine once a week or so in my 11,000 gallon pool because with 12 ounces I had an ever-so-slight green cast. That did the trick for clear water, which I am a stickler for.) So no more trips to the store, and the only cost is the initial cost of the unit plus the little bottles of product to add every two weeks. No bromine for my granddaughter and grandson is a good thing.

Chuck Cady

Parma, OH

I opened my pool this year and it was pretty green. I had kept trying to use chlorine to solve the problem, which wasn't working and was also drying out my skin. Then I came across Chlorine free pool systems and after talking to their experts I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I could of made for my family. My Water stays crystal clear and we no longer have any issues with dry skin. I Would recommend this system to everyone. We love it!


Elyria, OH

I didn't even know Biofilm was a thing that affected pools so badly until I gave Chemical Free Pool Systems a try. The difference it made was amazing! My water chemistry stays pretty intact for longer periods of time and I haven't had any issues with Green water since I made the switch from chlorine. I love that my kids get to swim in such natural water and they never complain about their eyes hurting after they swim. Its a win win for us all.


Big Creek, NY

I have an older pool that was always a pain to keep clear. Year after year I would try just about anything to keep my water looking good. I finally found this system after wasting so much time and money. I haven't had any issues since we converted to the Chlorine Free Pool system. The Whole set-up takes away so much hassle when it comes to keeping the pool looking good that I can finally enjoy it. I'm so glad I found this.


Ford City, PA

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As a bonus his Target Zero and UV light sanitizer keep our water clean with minimal chlorine. (Chlorine Free Pool System)
We choose the L-36 shell and added numerous water features and a slide.
Our whole family loves the pool.

                                         Brian Giese

                                         North Ridgeville, OH


We have always used Bromine. In our pool for the past 23 years The cost of Bromine has more then doubled and then I googled chlorine free to see what my options where that’s when I found Chlorine Free Pool systems
What an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! From start to finish they where so professional and they answered all my questions and my pool never looked so crystal clear!
You do not smell any Bromine or Chlorine which is hard on your skin and hair especially if your hair is bleached or dyed
I highly recommend this company and their Chlorine Free products From the day we opened the pool when it was dirty and green to 3 days later it was crystal clear
I was amazed
A huge Thank you to Keith and his team they are AMAZING

                                                     Debbie Korce

                                                   Westlake, OH

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