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The T 40 is 16' X 40'

and 8' 6" deep!


We believe it's the best

deep-end fiberglass pool on the  market for 3 reasons: 

  • Virtually all deep-end pools have a tiny shallow end, which is where most folks congregate. Because of the slope of the floor, the shallow end of FT40 is 40% larger than typical deep end pools.  ​

  • Most of the deep-end fiberglass pools on the market are only 8'0" deep. The FT40 is 8'6" deep and qualifies as a Type III diving pool. ​

  • We installed fiberglass pools long before we began manufacturing them. As such, our primary aim is to send you a pool that is easy to install. The FT40 is straight, level, square, and easy to handle. That's our guarantee!

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