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Get Chlorine

I can help you get CHEMICAL FREE pools and spas with these benefits:

  • No more red or damaged eyes

  • No skin irritation and dryness

  • No rashes

  • No lung damage or asthma

  • No exposure to possible cancer

  • No rust or other stains on pool equipment and materials

Ashley Hawley, Distribution Supervisor 

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I have been in the Pool and Spa industry since 1998 and have since become an expert on alternative water treatment for swimming and spas. 

My business, Dreamscaping has a mission to create DREAM BACKYARDS, with custom built pools, spas and other products that we sell in our huge showroom that turns back yards into vacation destinations everyday. It’s a welcome escape from the craziness of life. We create home resorts that are relaxing and great for entertaining.

When I found Chlorine Free Pool Systems, I knew I immediately wanted to share this with my customers and now with anyone who wants to swim in better water and reduce the risk of health issues from chemicals that have been treating our swimming water for years. You deserve better and it is time for a healthier alternative.

I tested all the different water systems on the market. I tried Salt Water Chlorine Generators, Ozone Generators, Chlorine, Copper Ionization, Bromine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Enzymes and Silver Ionization. The safest and cleanest system I have witnessed to date is UV light sanitation along with a protein formulation called Target Zero. Harmful, odorous chemicals like chlorine and bromine are just not needed to give you the water you deserve. This magical combination is winning the hearts of parents and swimmers across the country. Let us get you, your family, and customers into the water everyone deserves! In my personal home resort, I use only the best and that is Chlorine Free Pool systems Target Zero!

Dreamscaping Distribution showroom
Grafton, Ohio

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