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  • Built-in lamp monitor – audible and visual indication of lamp life
  • 316L stainless steel chamber for maximum reflective disinfection
  • Drain port for easy winterization with zinc anode
  • User-friendly bayonet-style lamp connector (no extra tools needed)
  • Proprietary low-pressure coated lamps with ceramic bases for durability
  • Auto-sensing dual voltage controller for plug-in or hard-wired use
  • For vertical or horizontal installation


Customer Designed Benefits


  • The PuraVida2 is manufactured in North America and is a safe and eco-friendly way to keep your pool water clean and free of harmful bacteria
  • Easy installation & minimal maintenance
  • Plug & Play unit
  • Destroys micro-organisms that chlorine or salt generators cannot; keeping your pool cleaner and healthier
  • Dramatically reduces chemical demand without harmful by-products
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • User-friendly bayonet style lamp connector
  • Durable long-life bulb (10,000 hours)
  • Auto-sensing dual voltage controller for plug-in or hard-wired use
  • Built-in lamp monitor, with both audible and visual indications of lamp life
  • New! Zinc Anode built into drain plug (this prevents any corrosion on the chamber as well as the rest of your pool equipment)
  • 2 Models available – Above-ground and In-ground pools
  • 3 year warranty on Chamber & Electronics and 1 year on UV Lamp & Quartz Tube


LED Controller


Simplistic in operation, this system features a tri-color LED light, indicating system status, and a 4-digit display to indicate lamp life remaining. Pressing the button will change the display to indicate the total running time. When the UV lamp is on and within its operating age, the LED light will be green. When the UV lamp is not on or the lamp life has expired, the LED will be illuminated red and an audible buzzer will sound. To remedy this condition, the UV lamp must be replaced with a new genuine Pura Vida UV lamp.

PLEASE NOTE: A timer is recommended in conjunction with your pool pump to ensure the Pura Vida UV system is running at the same time as the pump.



To reduce the risk of corrosion on our Pura Vida UV Systems, as well as other pool equipment, we have added a Zinc Anode to our drain plug. Zinc has a more active voltage than the other metals and therefore will break down before any damage or corrosion occurs to the surrounding metal. This process is safe and effective in both salt water pools and chlorine pools.


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